Related projects from PanFab members

Last update on 07/28/2020

WIT-C19 Face Shield

High volume option, flat packable alternative to the BWH/PanFab Mk 1 face shield developed by the Wentworth Institute of Technology. Design files can be requested here, and complete project description can be found below.

Apollo3 Patient isolation hood

Link to GitHub Repository containing Project Overview, Production Details, and associated design files.

Individualized System for Augmenting Ventilator Efficacy (iSAVE)

A rapidly deployable individualized system for augmenting ventilator capacity. Science Translational Medicine. 05.18.2020 Individualized System for Augmenting Ventilator Efficacy (iSAVE), a rapidly deployable platform to more safely use a single ventilator to simultaneously support multiple critically-ill patients. The iSAVE enables patient-specific volume and pressure control and incorporates safety features to mitigate cross-contamination between patients and flow changes due to patient interdependencies within the respiratory circuit.

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