Making and Procuring PanFab Face Shields

Manufacturers and hospitals have reached out to us either to manufacture or procure the PanFab face shields. At this time, PanFab cannot actively connect suppliers to groups that need face shields. However, we would like to address this need for those that visit our website. While we cannot assist with manufacturing or procurement of face shields in general, we created a matchmaking database for those that would like the PanFab Face Shield specifically.

Procuring any face shield: If you are interested in manufacturing or procuring any face shield, please visit your local/regional resources, such as the MA Manufacturing Emergency Response Team (M-ERT) website, which is building a PPE marketplace for Massachusetts.

Making or procuring the PanFab face shield: If you would like to manufacture or procure the PanFab Face Shield, please use the following links to enter your institution's information where it will be publically available. PanFab will not be actively monitoring or curating this information, nor are we facilitating connections. We are simply serving as a location to host contact information where suppliers, manufacturers, and users can find each other.

To Add Yourself or Your Institution to the Matchmaking Database

Form - Make Face Shields Please indicate if you can offer raw materials or manufacturing capabilities towards supplying PanFab Face Shields to healthcare institutions.

Form - Need Face Shields Please fill out if your institution would like to procure the PanFab Face Shield and need manufacturers or monetary resources.

If you would like to remove yourself or your institution from either the user or supplier list, please email

To Access the Face Shield Matchmaking Database

Thank you to those of you that will be a part of the PanFab Face Shield Matchmaking Database. Please use the following resources to make connections to other manufacturers or institutions that would like the PanFab Face Shield. These links are password protected, you will receive the password upon submission of either of the above forms. Find manufacturers/suppliers Find an institution that needs face shields

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