PanFab News Stories
News stories that have featured the work of PanFab and its members. Updated 10/222020.
Report Finds KN95 Masks Not as Effective as N95 Masks. Heathline. 10.12.2020 Includes lessons learned from PanFab's work assessing the quality of KN95 masks. Fabricating COVID-19 Solutions. HMS News. 09.03.2020. Describes PanFab's inception and efforts around multiple projects. A User's Guide To Masks: What's Best At Protecting Others (And Yourself). NPR. 07.01.2020. Includes comments on KN95 respirators from team member Avilash Cramer.
HST students share their reflections on responding to Covid-19. HST News. IMES news. 06.02.2020. Reflections from team members Aditi Gupta, Deborah Plana, MJ Antonini, Avilash Cramer, Malia McAvoy, Lyla Atta.
New Face Shields Protect Health Care Workers from COVID-19. Brigham Health Hub. 04.22.2020. Featuring our face shield clinical testing and distribution. Related news stories from WCVB, WBZ, NBC-10, WHDH, and Boston 25.
Bridging the gap between clinicians and engineers. MIT McGovern Institute, 04.06.2020. Featuring our face shield prototyping and manufacturing efforts. Seeking to solve a shortage. MIT Department of Nuclear Science & Engineering. 04.2020. Summarizing our study on gamma irradiation for sterilization.
Coronavirus Testing Booth At Brigham And Women’s Hospital Helps Conserve Protective Gear. CBS Boston. 04.01.2020. Highlighting our working with COVID-19 testing booths to preserve PPE.
With 3D printing, Middleboro makerspace combats coronavirus medical supply shortage. 03.29.2020. Interview with our PanFab prototyping and 3D printing partners.
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