Priority Research Projects

Last updated 02/03/2021


Sterilizing N95 masks and PPE with iHP- results of successful sterilization of N95 masks with ionized hydrogen peroxide (iHP) are available. Publication.

Face Shields - clinical testing complete. Ready to scale with improved manufacturing. Designs and publication are now available. More information on making and procuring face shields can be found here.

COVID-19 testing booth- If you are a hospital and interested in obtaining the Brigham and Women's Hospital testing booth design, please fill out this form.

Failure of N95 mask sterilization with gamma radiation - A sterilizing dose of gamma radiation was found to severely reduce the filtration efficiency of disposable N95 masks. Publication.


Reopening knowledge dissemination- Assisting local reopening efforts through knowledge dissemination on PPE and associated decontamination methods.

Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) - We are looking at ways to reuse wider variety of HEPA and P100 industrial filters to increase the supply of PAPRs, which provide much better protection. An adapter design (for bayonet mount) is in prototype and are now looking being integrated with a blower and battery. 3D-printed face mask frame- We are working on testing 3D printed face frames (designed by Dr. Chris Wiles at UConn) which could help re-use N95s in cases when their rubber bands have been degraded. Resource on biocompatible medical device production- Perspective on guidelines for biocompatible medical device production is underway.

UVB phototherapy units to UVC light-sources for N95 decontamination- We are investigating how to use UV booths, may already found in dermatologist offices across the country, for distributed sterilization of N95 masks.

Image credit: Christopher Van